Sweet Dreams On A Sunny Day

Wait a minute….who’s this??? This flopped out, crashed, old man, full of food and sleepy oblivion….?? Can this really be the same cat???


Yes, this is Poe, the cat that nearly killed himself, crawling the walls of the greenhouse in his panic to get away from me; the big, tough street cat, that I have tried to get close to for the last few years and has finally allowed me to be his friend, on his terms of course. He comes and goes at his choosing. It’s strange to watch him, because this relaxed behaviour is only within that environment, the minute he crosses the threshold, into the world, it’s like a switch flicks on and he is back in ‘street mode’, back on alert, defensive, hurried, wild, scared, distrustful.But for a short time each day, he gets to lose himself………

Snoring like an old man………………

Poe has inpsired me so much, I have written about him so much, in different stories, books in the making, I have created a whole world around him and I am so glad he feels he can come and let down his defences for a while, and let me in a little way.

He sometimes stares into my face, for minutes on end, then headbutts my chin, his gaze is so intelligent,so chilled and wise and  knowing the world is mostly not on his side, he keeps himself to himself and has made his peace with the world as much as he can, in a noisy, dangerous, chaotic world, amongst people who mostly don’t want him around.

But my door is always open…the cushion always waits……

poe2 poe1




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  1. An excellent story. I love the pictures, too.

    Poe, a name so fitting. I’m a fan of Mr. Edgar Poe, his dark and mysterious writings, and so Poe’s name seems a perfect fit. Meaning the utmost respect to Poe, of course.

    • Thank you, it means a lot to me that he finally accepts some help from me after trying for so long, seeing him skulking and running in the streets, hiding and scared, and never letting me near him, but I kept trying and slowly, slowly he began to trust me a little. The name just came into my head, I’m a fan too and it just seemed right, this black cat that appears and then disappears into the shadows, away into his own secret world. Of course I worry about him now too!!
      Your facebook looks good, full of vital info and links, I keep liking and sharing (Julie/black cat), hoping to reach someone, I was going to friend you but there doesn’t seem to be that option, anyway, hope it gets loads of people thinking and getting beyond selfies for fucks sake!!!!! Thanks for reading.

  2. I love this so much. Perfect (purrrrfect) in every way. Gorgeous kitty. ❤

    • Thanks so much. Poe is an amazing cat and to see him finally just so relaxed was incredibly satisfying. I was so glad I happened to have my camera with me, he lolled in such silly positions it was hilarious. But he is still a wild boy, with no concept of the things that are natural to a companion cat, so you have to relate to him differently, see through his eyes, and once he leaves he truly transforms back into street cat.

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