Why Should I Care?

Saturday is World Day For Animals In Laboratories.People coming together all over the world to raise their voices and spirits in condemning this atrocity and to let all the animals know,we have not forgotten you and we will never stop fighting to end this crime against you;and to remember all those already lost,who never had... Continue Reading →

What Makes Today A Good Day?

1.I have finally submitted some short pieces of writing to a writing magazine,something I've wanted to do for so long I've conquered my fear and now I want to do some more. 2.Sylvia, my lovely stray rescued cat,has jumped up and settled,purring,on my knee of her own volition.She is getting braver and more trusting in... Continue Reading →

Cat Came Back

This is Sylvia.She is a beautiful,little stray that I rescued(eventually!!)and took home.As my last post was about another stray cat and I wanted to get back to my blog,it seemed a good reason to get started.I am fostering her till someone can give her a forever home,but I am totally attached to her already and... Continue Reading →

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