Things That Have Made a Crap Week Bearable…..



Sylvia and Poe – My two best friends and they inspire me so much, every day. Though totally different in character, they are both survivors in a hard world and such precious souls.

Algernon Blackwood – Picking out a story at random, (he wrote great atmospheric stories), and it being about, among other things, the ability of cats and dogs to see and feel other realities, something I have very, very coincidentally, just been thinking about and writing about myself.

‘The Cat Inside’ by William Burroughs – some wonderful, beautiful, moving snippets of writing about cats, real cats, dream cats, and people’s attitude to animals. Always liked him but new respect after reading this.

Working on a chapter of a story that has been waiting for too long, finding I like it better than I remembered. Finding the opening I had lost, swapping computers..yeah…it’s a good thing to note what the file is about when you save it and not just the date…duh!!!

A short video on YouTube of Alan Watts talking about the falseness of which we are duped from being born into believing, striving for things that are illusory. Very wise.

Steve Best –  A video on YouTube in memory of his cat Willis  –  the eulogy he wrote to his beloved Willis is so beautiful and moving, it took my breath away, for anyone who has lost a loved friend it speaks directly to you, I wish I knew more people like him, with such a sensitive soul.

Re-watching Red Dwarf – Yes, it still makes me laugh, even though I have seen it so many times, a timeless classic and great cheerer.

New Model Army- Listening to their music has always been a comfort and an inspiration. It connects to something deep inside, it touches my heart with the recognition of shared emotion, shared ideas, intense and moving.

The lulling of warm, still rain. The soft whisper of a summer shower on a tired, stressed mind, full of hard, sharp edges and dark, jagged fissures full of dark dreams.

Watching the sky and the horizon, just drifting and looking, that feeling they evoke of something ‘more’, that you can almost touch, but not quite. An opening, a yearning, something recognized, remembered, by some other, older part of yourself. Something you feel and cannot describe really, something that pulls, that is powerful and yet you cannot truly put it into words.

Books at a boot sale – yes, finding cheap books, a guaranteed lift!!

Coincidences of reading something written by someone that totally expresses what I have just been thinking or feeling. Like I was drawn to it, connected by something, this happens a lot…a lot…like there is an invisible force that pulls the similar like a magnet, some internal guidance system that seeks these things out.

Seeing two kites (the birds), in one day, just hanging in the clear, summer sky, above it all, just floating free in the blue, way up high. I am in awe, no one else notices….






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  1. This is great, all of it. It helps me to turn to those things that make me smile, at least every now and again. It’s inspirational, uplifting.

    “The lulling of warm, still rain. The soft whisper of a summer shower on a tired, stressed mind, full of hard, sharp edges and dark, jagged fissures full of dark dreams.” Yes, I like this too, very much. Telling.

    • Thanks, I’m always glad if you get something out of it, makes it worthwhile. It’s always hard, there are so many dark things as a backdrop to life, all the time, it is hard to get away from it, because you know what you know and it never goes away does it?? Everything is tainted, but there are moments, every once in a while…….
      Thanks for reading!!

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