He’s Back -Ginge Take Two

Something’s gone wrong, something’s changed. My heart breaks. He’s back. I’m so, so sad for him, I’m gutted to find him once again in the same situation, it’s not fair. Since June last year, all through the summer he was a regular visitor, part of our tribe. He turned up suddenly, simply appeared one day,... Continue Reading →


He’s there. Glimpses, then gone, but I see you. Sneaking through the shadows, dodging the open spaces, peering from hidey holes, running for cover. I see you. I feel you. Survivor, street scuttler, night walker, hidden crier, bony wanderer. All weathers, alone, you wander the streets, round and round but will not trust. Your gaunt... Continue Reading →

Animal Consciousness

I have loved animals all my life and always known they had consciousness, I never doubted it. Most people have probably seen this by now, but I have just watched it again and it never fails to move me, overwhelm me; it is so profound, so moving, so powerful, if you’ve not seen it, watch... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Alone

This is ginge, just one of the many solitary wanderers, who survive alone, out there somewhere, much of the time invisibly. They all have stories we’ll never know, you only have to look at their faces, look into their eyes, to see they have carried a lot. This poor boy turned up in the garden... Continue Reading →

The Power Of Words

I love poetry and don’t read it enough and while browsing some second hand books today I came across a book with the simple title ‘Cat Poems’, loving both I naturally picked it up, but expecting it would most likely be many of the same poems I have already, in other collections, many times over;... Continue Reading →

Becoming Cat

‘I don’t belong here in a world full of strangers, it was all someone else’s idea.’  T. Waits. Becoming Cat. I watch Poe sleep. Draw him. Lose myself in him. Because I need to. I need to lose this ‘self’, this burdened, distracted, jibbering mind that cannot rest. So I slip into his black fur,... Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…..

The glow of festive, magical lights, the haunting echo of carols, the jingle of bells, a small village putting on such a festive experience, beautiful, right???............. But it all rings hollow in its fake glow of love, everywhere you look there is cruelty and death, but virtually no one sees it, blinded by the illusion,... Continue Reading →

Losing Ground.

Because I care, I’m a threat. Because I get upset, I’m extreme. Because I love, I go too far. Because I see the truth, I’m trouble. Because I live from my heart, I’m provocative. Because I want peace, I’m aggressive. Because I am passionate, I am offensive. Because I want freedom, I’m a terrorist. Because... Continue Reading →

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