Cat Cheer

Some beautiful quotes from the great and the good -to cheer you there are people who understand,who have soul,after the last two depressing stories.It can seem the world is full of cold,cruel,heartless people but we have to remember there are many good people too!!And they can make a difference!! 'Cats' whiskers are so sensitive,they can... Continue Reading →

It Gets Worse

Did you see this story?So heartbreaking and this is after the post has been cut down and dismantled.That poor creature must have suffered so terribly!! I warn you if you watch the video it is very,very upsetting!!! Go to website and sign the petition to insist this is investigated and those responsible found and... Continue Reading →

What a world.

This photo has haunted me since I saw it a few weeks ago.I just can't get it out of my head.It makes me sooo sad!!I immediately thought of the poem 'Mountain Lion' by D.H. Lawrence.I will never understand the mentality of seeing a beautiful creature and the only reaction is to want to kill it.Look... Continue Reading →

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