Global Day of Action Against The Kooples

I'm a bit late with this but just wanted to drop it out there. Tomorrow,Thursady 29 October, there is a day of action against The Kooples brand that still use fur, and Angora ripped from live rabbits, despite thousands of requests asking them to stop. A day of getting the message out that this will... Continue Reading →

To A Dead Mother And Her Baby

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."    Jiddu Krishnamurti The photo at the bottom has haunted me ever since I saw it on Stop The Cull site. It is so heartbreaking. Taken on land that is participating in the cull.This is how much they care about their... Continue Reading →

A Double Crime – Echoed Again and Again….

Cow and badger locked in a perpetual hell created by the human race. The badgers are murdered to ‘save’ the cows, but you can’t blame the cows, enslaved and worked to their deaths, their stick legs buckle under weight of udders unmanageable, their babies lost, stolen over and over again, mother’s milk, mother’s cries, baby... Continue Reading →

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