Changing Seasons – An Autumnal Pause in Life’s Madness

  The crows and magpies shriek out across the open grass. It is bright but cool, a pale, thin, golden light. A year turning once more, so swiftly into darker times. I feel the strangeness, of something happening, things changing. Something calls, something won’t let me be. I try to listen, to hear what calls,... Continue Reading →

The Weeping Willow Wept Its Last (but it’s song lives on…..)

The cutters drone on and on into the warm afternoon, a sound that holds a message, for those who will hear it. Something has gone too far, life daring to grow, to move outside of the very small confines it has been allotted. You will have this space and no more. The moment you stretch... Continue Reading →

Sweet Dreams On A Sunny Day

Wait a minute....who's this??? This flopped out, crashed, old man, full of food and sleepy oblivion....?? Can this really be the same cat??? Yes, this is Poe, the cat that nearly killed himself, crawling the walls of the greenhouse in his panic to get away from me; the big, tough street cat, that I have... Continue Reading →

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