The Power Of Words

I love poetry and don’t read it enough and while browsing some second hand books today I came across a book with the simple title ‘Cat Poems’, loving both I naturally picked it up, but expecting it would most likely be many of the same poems I have already, in other collections, many times over;... Continue Reading →

Strange Days Have Found Us

I sit down to try and get back to my writing, so much waiting to be finished, waiting to be released and realized, but the workmen at the bottom of the street fill the air with their perpetual racket as they rape some other piece of wild land, pile-driving their way through the ground, disturbing... Continue Reading →


I just found out yesterday that Alan Watt died on 4 March 2021; such a shock, so sad, another ‘truth warrior’ gone, the world feels a lesser place without him, especially in such dark times when evil is rising and spreading round the world, we need as many ‘light warriors’ as possible, so it is... Continue Reading →

Step Into A Strange, Wonderful World

Step into strangeness Sitting in the grey, misty damp, the horizon a dream-like blur, the still, cold air, a feeling of being out of time, the light never changing from morning through afternoon, just a continual, eternal grey, insubstantial moment; what better atmosphere to be diving into the writing of Bruno Schulz. I have wanted... Continue Reading →

Night Dreaming

Night is peace, freedom, it has a magic that opens up once the sun sets; the last ray of sun ignites imagination as the dark hours replace the light. Everything fires up as distractions cease to be a torment in the soft unfolding of night. It only increases as the darkness sinks deeper, bolder as... Continue Reading →


  It’s your birthday and I wake up thinking of you, but you are not here. I wonder what you would be doing now....what we’d be doing for your birthday, everyone getting together but there’ll be no birthday fun, no gathering, you are not here.. Only absences remain, all the people-shaped spaces I move through,... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Bliss.

If you could go back, if you could forget, all of it, de-programme yourself to know none of this, to know only what they want you to know, only what you were meant to know, only, let’s face it, what you need to know, life would be so much easier, nicer, so much calmer. I... Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

Life goes on. That’s what they say, and of course it’s true, it goes on despite us, despite everything, despite the worst things, even when we don’t want it to, even when it feels wrong, all wrong. Life is, and even when I feel cast adrift, knowing life will never be the same again, things... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait For It This Is It

I used to think there would come a time when things would be ‘right’, be better and I could then do......whatever. Till then I had it in my mind, waiting, but this time kept getting yanked away, like a tease, a trap, pulled away again and again. Till the realization suddenly hit me. It’s a... Continue Reading →

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