Step Into A Strange, Wonderful World

Step into strangeness Sitting in the grey, misty damp, the horizon a dream-like blur, the still, cold air, a feeling of being out of time, the light never changing from morning through afternoon, just a continual, eternal grey, insubstantial moment; what better atmosphere to be diving into the writing of Bruno Schulz. I have wanted... Continue Reading →

Drawing Daze

Drawing Daze. I couldn’t survive without drawing, I’d go mad. Even a quick doodle reconnects and salves my spirit. It’s what I do when I’m stressed, angry, happy, whatever the mood, drawing helps me and fills me, soothes me and protects me. It has helped and still helps me endure rough times, messed up times.... Continue Reading →

What Do Words Mean To You???

What do Words Mean to You??? Words, my life has been held together by words. For as long as I can remember, words have been my refuge, my inspiration, my comfort, my breath. Words are powerful, words are magic, they can take you anywhere, show you anything; but they also have the power to hurt... Continue Reading →

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