He’s Back -Ginge Take Two

Something’s gone wrong, something’s changed. My heart breaks. He’s back. I’m so, so sad for him, I’m gutted to find him once again in the same situation, it’s not fair. Since June last year, all through the summer he was a regular visitor, part of our tribe. He turned up suddenly, simply appeared one day,... Continue Reading →

Last Days of Autumn

I had these done a while ago, but as ever life got in the way. It was the most beautiful autumnal morning and I just wanted to capture it, the moment, the presence. There were more but I struggled to get this as well as it is, still getting used to the new editor and... Continue Reading →

You’re Not Alone

This is ginge, just one of the many solitary wanderers, who survive alone, out there somewhere, much of the time invisibly. They all have stories we’ll never know, you only have to look at their faces, look into their eyes, to see they have carried a lot. This poor boy turned up in the garden... Continue Reading →

A Dark Stranger Keeps His Secrets

Poe doesn’t know his name. What it was I’ll never know and I’m sure he has long since forgotten, if it ever existed at all. So I gave him one, because to me he is someone, even if he exists on the edges of life and is shunned and unwanted. Mysterious black stranger, wild cat,... Continue Reading →

Monday Mourning – R.I.P Little Ones

The small family of feral cats that were being cared for by the local cat charity have been murdered, by poisoning. I don’t know what to say. I just feel immense, overwhelming sadness and fury that this happened, that someone could do this and will never be made to answer for their crimes. There were... Continue Reading →

A Day Like Any Other

To the backdrop of horror pictures of slaughter,abuses and cruelties everywhere,all over the world,cruelties beyond imagining,horrors to fill the greatest nightmares forever........... I play with Sylvia and taste the pleasure of just time with her,playing,seeing her happy,sharing our moments.I watch the wonderful summer,stormy sky clouds shift and change with each passing moment and try to... Continue Reading →

Lessons From The Street – A Tale of Two Cats

  SylviaMad green-eyed starer..worrier..chaser..fretterCrazy player..food hoover..wall smacker..moth chaserLap snuggler..scared hisser..rumbling purrer..stick tickler..game loverShadow charger..joy leaper..window watcher..furry alarm clockMeeter and greeter...tail-high-giddy-to see-you welcomerToy thrower and dancer..jumping in your own mad way at imaginary beings living in the tiny bit of plant..The sneaky,breaking-away curling bit of wallpaper  that must be killed....Dark black-chocolate glow furball,with your white lined... Continue Reading →

Why Should I Care?

Saturday is World Day For Animals In Laboratories.People coming together all over the world to raise their voices and spirits in condemning this atrocity and to let all the animals know,we have not forgotten you and we will never stop fighting to end this crime against you;and to remember all those already lost,who never had... Continue Reading →

What Makes Today A Good Day?

1.I have finally submitted some short pieces of writing to a writing magazine,something I've wanted to do for so long I've conquered my fear and now I want to do some more. 2.Sylvia, my lovely stray rescued cat,has jumped up and settled,purring,on my knee of her own volition.She is getting braver and more trusting in... Continue Reading →

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