A Dark Stranger Keeps His Secrets

Poe doesn’t know his name. What it was I’ll never know and I’m sure he has long since forgotten, if it ever existed at all. So I gave him one, because to me he is someone, even if he exists on the edges of life and is shunned and unwanted. Mysterious black stranger, wild cat,... Continue Reading →

Finding the Heart of the Day

Today is grey, dull, cold and still. The sky is a blank washed out blanket, smothering the sun. The shadows creep and drag. A dry rasp of a day waiting for something to happen, waiting for something to find it. All the demands waiting to be dealt with, all the anxieties waiting to be fixed,... Continue Reading →

Drawing Daze

Drawing Daze. I couldn’t survive without drawing, I’d go mad. Even a quick doodle reconnects and salves my spirit. It’s what I do when I’m stressed, angry, happy, whatever the mood, drawing helps me and fills me, soothes me and protects me. It has helped and still helps me endure rough times, messed up times.... Continue Reading →

What Do Words Mean To You???

What do Words Mean to You??? Words, my life has been held together by words. For as long as I can remember, words have been my refuge, my inspiration, my comfort, my breath. Words are powerful, words are magic, they can take you anywhere, show you anything; but they also have the power to hurt... Continue Reading →

What Makes Today A Good Day?

1.I have finally submitted some short pieces of writing to a writing magazine,something I've wanted to do for so long I've conquered my fear and now I want to do some more. 2.Sylvia, my lovely stray rescued cat,has jumped up and settled,purring,on my knee of her own volition.She is getting braver and more trusting in... Continue Reading →

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