Hillside Animal Sanctuary

This is a great animal sanctuary in Norfolk, here in the UK. They care for thousands of animals, they are amazing, and in a recent newsletter there was this piece about two recently rescued horses and it was so moving and beautifully expressed, I wanted to share it. I wish so many more people could... Continue Reading →

An interview with Gary Lachman on occult politics, nihilism, and the dangerous potentials of the imagination — The Teeming Brain

Very interesting article on 'The Teeming Brain' site. Just published here at The Teeming Brain: my interview with Gary Lachman on his new book Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump. 29 more words via An interview with Gary Lachman on occult politics, nihilism, and the dangerous potentials of the imagination —... Continue Reading →


A Lament for the Lost - A Memorial for the Obliterated. A gathering of grieving relatives led by one outcast, one animal to another. We gather here today to mourn the loss of this space and all its inhabitants, missed by all of us who loved it, who used it and needed it, to mourn... Continue Reading →

Ignorance Is Bliss.

If you could go back, if you could forget, all of it, de-programme yourself to know none of this, to know only what they want you to know, only what you were meant to know, only, let’s face it, what you need to know, life would be so much easier, nicer, so much calmer. I... Continue Reading →

Becoming Cat

‘I don’t belong here in a world full of strangers, it was all someone else’s idea.’  T. Waits. Becoming Cat. I watch Poe sleep. Draw him. Lose myself in him. Because I need to. I need to lose this ‘self’, this burdened, distracted, jibbering mind that cannot rest. So I slip into his black fur,... Continue Reading →

In Memory Of A Lost Victim

One of so, so many.............This rescue touched me so deeply, even though I wasn't physically present, I watched and felt I was there, it haunts me.   You collapsed on the table, skin and bone, huge dark eyes watered with every moment of suffering you had endured. You were all eyes; face a sunken carved... Continue Reading →

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…..

The glow of festive, magical lights, the haunting echo of carols, the jingle of bells, a small village putting on such a festive experience, beautiful, right???............. But it all rings hollow in its fake glow of love, everywhere you look there is cruelty and death, but virtually no one sees it, blinded by the illusion,... Continue Reading →

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