After The Rain

After the rain, light; after the rain, peace, the land takes a breath, drinks, breathes. After the rain the blades of grass show off their jewels, rich green adorned by perfect drops, tiny pools of water shine, their Round sparkle globes glint a whole row down the stalk, precious gathered perfect circles of light energy... Continue Reading →

Night Dreaming

Night is peace, freedom, it has a magic that opens up once the sun sets; the last ray of sun ignites imagination as the dark hours replace the light. Everything fires up as distractions cease to be a torment in the soft unfolding of night. It only increases as the darkness sinks deeper, bolder as... Continue Reading →

Still the Horror Goes On

Just read an article on TruthTheory about a leaked video from a Pharm Testing Lab in Germany. The article explains what happened. I couldn't watch the video, the article was bad enough. Huge respect to the courageous person who infiltrated and got the horrific evidence. I cannot imagine how gut-wrenching and heart-breaking it must have... Continue Reading →


  It’s your birthday and I wake up thinking of you, but you are not here. I wonder what you would be doing now....what we’d be doing for your birthday, everyone getting together but there’ll be no birthday fun, no gathering, you are not here.. Only absences remain, all the people-shaped spaces I move through,... Continue Reading →

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