In Memory Of A Lost Victim

One of so, so many………….This rescue touched me so deeply, even though I wasn’t physically present, I watched and felt I was there, it haunts me.


You collapsed on the table, skin and bone, huge dark eyes watered with every moment of suffering you had endured. You were all eyes; face a sunken carved skull, barely concealed, your death looking out. A haunted soul stared from those dark orbs, beautiful eyes sucked in the whole world, trying to understand why you had been abandoned; eyes that poured into ours all the loss and sadness and loneliness; the soul searched for its answers, but none came.

You were too fragile, too damaged, already lost by the time you arrived. Your tiny body weakened over the edge of survival and those dark pools were already staring at the waiting place beyond. You couldn’t stand, even the weight of your emaciated frame too heavy for you; you were loosening your grip, slipping away, too light to hold on to this world, this heavy world that had taken everything you had.

They tried to help you, tried to turn things around, to lure you back, but it was too late. You’d had enough of this world, every moment of your short, innocent life a suffering that should never have been; you just wanted peace, just wanted out. As those dark pools slowly closed and the struggled bony breathing stilled, you left, with a wake of oceans of tears; the last gasp, the final breath, silence, stillness, you had gone.

All the love could not save you, all the care could not hold you, all the will could not mend the hurt, the gap was too wide, the damage too deep. All the hope drained, all the love wept, as your small frame slept, never to wake.

All the eyes that saw and didn’t see, all the ones who knew and didn’t speak, all who walked by and didn’t act, are stained by your death, a mark that will never wash off, as all who commit or turn away from suffering.

May you find your peace little one, you did not ask for this life but it was yours, to have and be free, still it was taken away by monsters who create nightmares. Run free, be at peace little soul dreamer, your dark liquid eyes forever in our hearts.


A huge thank you and respect to all those who continue to brave the horrors of this world and turn around the lives of those animals that are the most extreme victims of the worst humanity is capable of; that never turn away however bad the damage, however unending the task, that never stop trying, that have the boundless love to just keep on and on in the face of endless suffering all over the world. You know who you are, you are truly lights in the darkness.



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  1. Most touching. Thank you.

  2. Soul wrenching words to open closed hearts. Shared to Facebook with thanks.

  3. A captivating tribute, a eulogy fit for all who’ve suffered and died at the hands of species human.

    • Thank you. I had to express how much he affected me, as they all do of course, but I cannot get his face out my head, so lost, so hopeless, so exhausted and it did just seem to epitomise all those who have suffered and still suffer. Thanks for reading and commenting again.

  4. I really appreciate how well you have focused on the large globe of an eye. Wonderfully described. It’s a recurring metaphor for this mostly liquid planet that humans run roughshod, arrogant and profane — proclaiming themselves gentle beings by dint of a “natural law” that sets them above all. Excelling best of all at the exploitation of every animal, vegetable and mineral slaughtered, clearcut or mined — as this innocent lives an exhausting death in the company of few (and those who view, like you) who desperately struggle to restore health to this lost victim.

    • Thank you again for such an interesting and thoughtful comment. Those eyes, staring out into mine will haunt me forever, so hard to see such loss, such hopelessness pouring out and be powerless to save him, he only survived about 24 hours after rescue and I just had to try and get something out about how I felt and you’re right it is just a small echo of the larger pictue of the horrors that go on, everywhere, all the time. You are so right about humanity and it’s so common, this attitude of arrogance. I had it said to me just recently, again, that humanity is ‘the top dog’, it’s the ‘way things are’, we are the ‘top species’ and he just wouldn’t listen to any argument against that, adamant that it is the truth and how things are meant to be. I despair…….

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