‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…..

The glow of festive, magical lights, the haunting echo of carols, the jingle of bells, a small village putting on such a festive experience, beautiful, right???………….

But it all rings hollow in its fake glow of love, everywhere you look there is cruelty and death, but virtually no one sees it, blinded by the illusion, manipulated into not seeing. Every other stall sells animal-related ‘products’. Just everywhere you look there’s something. The bells come from donkeys made to carry children up and down, food stalls from every corner of the globe, all items made from living beings. The crowning glory of the ‘celebration’, a ‘hog’ roast. There laid out for all to be dazzled by, is a whole small pig, cooked, roasted, whatever vile thing they do to it. (I wonder how they chose the ‘one’; out of all the beautiful young pigs trotting round, how they decided which would have this ‘honour’ of being the ‘special’ sacrifice?). Whole body and head, just laid there, below the tinsel bedecked counter, legs splayed out stiff in front and behind, face there for all to see, all burnt and crisped, this corpse just sitting there, murdered and stuffed and put on display, and they are queuing up, waiting in line, smiling, laughing, even kids, can’t wait to taste it, as people dressed up in Christmassy Victorian costume, hack bits from this body, this victim.

Happy fucking Christmas, but not for the poor creature, who was a beautiful, intelligent PIG, I don’t know why it is suddenly called a ‘hog’, since when have we ever called it a hog except now, ‘Christmassy hog roast’, does that make it more ‘special’? It’s a dead pig, a someone who is now gone, a being that had a life, had friends, memories,  there’s nothing festive or cheering or seasonal about it, it’s the same old murder and death, laid out for all to see, eyes burnt closed, ears roasted to a curled crisp, legs stiff and broken, how can you not see it? How can you accept this as normal?

I just look at the poor lost creature and feel so angry and sad. Her body stuck there, laid out, while ‘people’ pull away her flesh with a smile, not a flicker of awareness of what they are doing. This once alive being that they are ripping up, that would still be alive if they did not demand her death. She is laid there dead because of you, you murdered her and yet you smile and laugh. But it’s Christmas, come on, don’t bring it down, it’s about love, peace, festive cheer, don’t be a party pooper, don’t be mean.

I’m sorry, I just don’t see what’s to celebrate and how you can justify murder and suffering in the name of celebrating love and peace to all, I just can’t unite the two somehow, I’m funny that way. It’s a fucking farce. Everything is tainted by this, every fucking part of life, every single place you go. Especially at Christmas. But don’t SPOIL it by pointing this out, don’t be cruel by pointing out the hypocrisy, don’t be the one to ruin it, don’t make them see the truth, they’d rather not and it is unfair to keep drawing attention to it, it’s Christmas, be kind, get in the party spirit, stop putting a downer on it by pulling back the curtain of illusion, no one wants to feel bad and you shouldn’t make them!!! It doesn’t matter about the endless pain and suffering and death they demand by their selfishness, you should stop forcing them to address this unpleasantness, lighten up and get in the swing of pretending it doesn’t exist, pretending it doesn’t happen, doesn’t matter, it’s CHRISTMAS, just let up for a while, it’s the season of goodwill, so just leave us be and let us enjoy it.

The love and passion I have is for always, for all beings, not just Christmas, not just the chosen few. I’m sure all the animals wish they could just forget about it too but they have nowhere to go, no reprieve, no hiding behind the curtain for them, it’s real, they have no escape, no delusion that will make it go away. No colourful haze to wrap around themselves till it’s all over, no warm festive fuzziness for them. It’s cold, stark black and white for them.

They will suffer, they will die. End of story. So excuse me if I don’t get all starry-eyed about this Christmas thing. It’s a sham. Just an excuse for indulging all the worst aspects of human behaviour.

But most are happy in their ignorance, so inured in the system they will fight to protect it. If it is a hologram this life, as many claim it to be, then well done on helping create such an evil world when it could be so much better. We CAN do better than this. But let’s not think about that, it’s CHRISTMAS, there’s piles of grub to cram down, gallons of booze to guzzle, hours of garbage to watch and endless, worthless shite to buy with money most haven’t got.

So cheers, happy Christmas, excuse me if I slink off through the back door.





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  1. Terrible and how it can continue is beyond me. Heartless things passed from one generation to another. Torture, fear, suffering and slaughter, animals used for entertainment, sport and everything else. It shows how just how far down on the ladder of understanding, enlightenment and actual love and compassion, we are.

    • I know, it’s hard. I am struggling with all the heartlessness around all the time, and no one gives it a second thought. It’s just everywhere you go, everywhere you look. As you say, just passed on and on and so ingrained, not even seen as an issue, it drives me so crazy. But the hypocrisy at Christmas!! …..I can’t even contain the frustration!!!

  2. Exactly, and rightly said. Let’s celebrate peace, love, and joy to the world. Let’s eat a pig and show the world just how peaceful and loving we are. Let’s take an innocent, vulnerable earthling, scare it shitless, then roast it over an open flame.

    Here you go kiddo’s, rip yourself off a good-size hunk of hog. Eat up, Johnny. Hell yeah! That’s the Christmas Spirit, by God, by Damn!

    I’m with you. I’m sick of the whole mess; joyous, peaceful lying bullshit farce.

    We are among zombies. Mindless, fleshing eating zombies.

    • It was horrible and is horrible. I’m so sick of it all, you can’t get away from it. I do feel like that, like I’m among zombies, I just watch people, aghast at how oblivious they are, I feel like I’m just in the wrong place, some kind of nightmare I can’t get away from.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, it gives me some comfort to hear others who understand what I’m saying and feel as strongly as me.

  3. I imagine writing a science-fiction story in which carnivorous homo sapiens momentarily glimpse behind the facade and charade. A crawler at the bottom of the television relays commodity futures, jumping in on a rebounding ‘beef’ market, resilience of chicken futures in a bull market, where is the smart money on pork bellies?
    The screen splits to reveal the carnage behind a healthy return on investment. Screen left: the jolly products — ’tis the season. Screen right: animal waifs in warehouses, processing plants and logistic chains.
    Facade, charade and marketing in a trillion-dollar market.

  4. I hear you! It’s a difficult time, being surrounded by so much injustice 😦

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