Yulin and Beyond.

Yulin and Beyond.

Today is the start of the horrific Yulin festival,(yesterday now), although they start eating the dogs and cats the night before, so they have actually already begun. I tried to write, to work on my story, but I just couldn’t cut it, this horror just kept rising up in my mind, as so many other atrocities do, more and more often, so I just needed to say some of the things filling my mind because I’m too hot, too restless, my mind tries to follow too many things at once and it’s making me edgy and tense and unfocused; too distracted by animals and the never-ending suffering inflicted on them, all the stuff haunting my mind, filling my consciousness.

Refining my thoughts and feelings by listening and reading to many different people and finding what feels true, what hits home, hits my heart, what tries to make sense of the world and why it is like it is, what is recognised as indisputable to me and what I just know is true and cannot ignore. There are things you would like to be true, or things you wish you could believe, because it would be easier, but the conscience, the soul, whatever you want to call it, will not let you off so easily. I just keep coming back around and around, it is always in my heart, my mind. I don’t know how to live with it, feeling the guilt of not doing enough, of knowing what is happening and feeling it, but being unable to feel like I am really tackling it in any meaningful way, in any way that allows me to feel at all easy in my mind. I try to wield my imagination into the way I want to communicate but I sometimes despair that people, most people, simply do not want to listen, they don’t want to know, they don’t want things to change. Everyone moans, to a greater or lesser degree, but when it comes down to actually defining what they want, how they think the world should be, and what they could do, they really can’t be bothered. Most times, too often, it’s simply about personal circumstances and don’t get me wrong, I do that too. But it’s so incredibly frustrating to see what is happening and not be able to really do much of any consequence. And I constantly haunt myself with the question, what real difference do I make??? I need to find more courage, I know, to be more effective, communicate better, tackle the issues better. I cannot ignore this, I have to find a way of feeling like I actually do something that matters. Otherwise I will never find any kind of release and of course it’s not even about me, it is about this great, massive injustice going on, this horror, every day, day after day, which is something that shouldn’t and mustn’t be ignored, but is, all the time; it is like it isn’t really happening and everyone silently agrees to go along with the illusion, to not look, not admit to it, so when it’s brought up, people sigh and raise their eyebrows, tired of ‘animal rights nutters’ going on and on about it, they don’t see the truth, they don’t truly look at it, at what is there to see. They think they know, but they don’t. They think they understand, but they don’t. These people aren’t ‘going on’ about it for their own amusement, or their pleasure, it’s a nightmare for anyone with a dreg of compassion and the guts to look at the reality and then live with that. To see through the eyes of all that suffering, to feel it and want to stop it, to help those voiceless beings who are treated so horrifically. To feel their pain and misery and despair and to only get a sigh and a raised eyebrow and that face that just wants you to shut up, or a joke about how extreme you are, or that it is all just a big joke, have these people even begun to look at the truth? I remember when there was an article in some paper, a woman journalist, can’t remember who it was, got really angry at this article, because it was about turkeys at Christmas, the truth about how they are bred, kept, murdered, (don’t know why this particular incident jumped into my head, it just seemed to epitomise people’s wilful ignorance and hypocrisy and selfishness) and she didn’t like it, she was really angry at the shop that did it, saying it was wrong, that they shouldn’t have done it, their customers shouldn’t be made to see that and it was unfair, she should be allowed to enjoy her turkey in peace and she would not shop there again, because they had made her see this and she shouldn’t have to, and she was so angry, not at the reality of the turkey trade, but at the shop that had made her see the reality, they had betrayed her, so she was leaving them. It was as if this had hurt her and she was the wronged party and we should feel bad for her, be on her side, that the shop was in the wrong, for simply deciding to show the truth, she didn’t see any hypocrisy in any of what she was saying, the denial of the truth and the biggest joke being that she was a journalist, but of course, as anyone knows now, journalists, most of them, these days, are not about truth, just manipulation, spreading the beliefs they want or are paid to promote, truth doesn’t come into it any more. So, she was the wronged party, not the murdered birds, and this is what is wrong with much of society today, we want to be protected and molly-coddled, we don’t want to face the truth, we want to be comfortable in our bubble of lies and false beliefs, we want to be left alone, if something is unpleasant, we don’t want to see it, we shouldn’t be made to see it, we must be protected, everything must be made acceptable, all horrors must be disguised, hidden away, so we can all carry on pretending life is nice and everything is okay. But then when it suits the powers that be, fear is used in great tides of disinformation to manipulate people into feeling and reacting how they want them to, playing into people’s fear and insecurities, using it to control them.

Oh, I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just feel so sick of the way people are, how they can’t see what is going on, how they don’t want to have to think, don’t want to have to change or do anything, and anyone who tries to stand up and show them the truth, show them reality, is called a nut-job or an extremist, they can’t see how backwards everything is, it’s infuriating and the few people who do, get drowned out by the manipulation of the media and the masses, who believe any bullshit that is spread about them. People have such jaded, set, steered opinions of who people are, what they are and why they are, all these clichés, stereotypes come out, instead of looking at what is being actually said, who these people are and why they are concerned, and going to investigate it for themselves, they just fall back on the same old crap insults and demeaning comments. Most times they don’t even know anything about what the person is saying, yet they feel a perfect right to judge, to argue, to sneer and mock and they just have these stock, spoon-fed images in their heads of what they have been given about these people. No wonder they are so easy to control, to manipulate. No wonder the world is going to hell around them.

That’s the trouble, that’s why I do despair sometimes, because a big majority of people, a BIG majority, aren’t even aware they need to wake up, they have no clue of what you are talking about, they think everything they know and experience is the sum total of reality and they think they understand what that reality is and what life is about, how things are and why it is like it is and are so closed off you just have no chance at all of reaching them, of even making them understand there is anything to question.

This started off about the Yulin festival, festival being a totally inappropriate, meaningless word added on to make it sound somehow celebratory or traditional, something other then it is, to try to create an illusion of it having some kind of significance or meaning, it doesn’t, it hasn’t, it is a mostly modern, mostly criminal, conglomeration of people who want to eat dogs and cats, end of. These animals are treated horrendously, it should be stopped now, it will be stopped eventually. The activism in China is growing, even though it is a hard country in which to organise such things. Amazing, admirable people, putting themselves in danger because they know it’s wrong, they know these animals are sentient beings, that they have consciousness. All animals everywhere, this is about all animal enslavement and oppression. Everywhere around the world, cruelty and violence is happening, continuously. I don’t know how to live with that. I don’t know how and even if, you can make people ever understand how wrong this is and how it affects everything else. I don’t know how things will ever change, truly change, because that means a real radical upheaval of how things are right now, the whole system needs to change. It’s about everything, it’s about power, control, domination, globalisation, hierarchy, manipulation, greed, consumerism, it’s about everything. We have gone wrong. The world is in a really bad state. And for me, it all starts with the animals, when we began taking over the world and decided we were above and beyond nature, instead of part of it; when we decided we could do what we liked, without compromise or humility, when we decided animals were below us and we could treat them any way we chose. When we decided we were omnipotent and could and should control everything and whatever we wanted we could have. No matter what the cost. The arrogance knew no bounds. But this can’t go on. You would have to blind not to see that. We are headed for oblivion if we don’t change and if we don’t, well, maybe we deserve it.

These are not the last words obviously, on any of this, I am in a constant, shifting, growing, discussion and dilemma with myself over this, I am just putting some thoughts out there, trying to understand what is going on and what we can do. I don’t know how we can fix this but we have to start somewhere. People have to wake up. It is a crazy time and it’s hard to see a way through, but you can’t ignore things either and carry on, you can’t just pretend everything will be okay, it won’t, it isn’t, unless we do something and that’s what it’s all about….where we go from here…?????



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