Global Day of Action Against The Kooples

I’m a bit late with this but just wanted to drop it out there.

Tomorrow,Thursady 29 October, there is a day of action against The Kooples brand that still use fur, and Angora ripped from live rabbits, despite thousands of requests asking them to stop. A day of getting the message out that this will not be dropped, we will never give up on these poor animals and you can get involved in different ways.

There are protests outside stores in:

London, Leeds, Bath, Manchester, Edinburgh, in the morning.

But there are social media events too, if you can’t get to the actual stores.

Please see details:

Local animal groups have facebook pages too, just search facebook, Leeds Animal Protection.

Picture courtesy of PETA

So if you can spend an hour in the morning please get out there to show this vile store this will not be tolerated and they will be shamed and highlighted until they stop this vile cruelty for profit. We will never give up. There is no need for this and it must be stopped.


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