To A Dead Mother And Her Baby

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”    Jiddu Krishnamurti

The photo at the bottom has haunted me ever since I saw it on Stop The Cull site. It is so heartbreaking. Taken on land that is participating in the cull.This is how much they care about their cows.

You died alone as you tried to enter the world, you couldn’t make it,

heavy mother, alone in the field, you struggled to let your baby free, but something was wrong, baby could not get out

trapped and alone, you both went togther, in pain of a birth that was never meant to be. Innocence died spared the ugliness of what waited, at least now you will never be separated.

But it’s only a cow,only a calf, alone in the woodland, their drama invisible and silent for no one to see. As nothing you passed away.

She looked just as if she were asleep, her beautiful creamy head laid to the side on the grass, but then the sight of a baby,only just,trying to be born, forgotten in a dream of growing. Do your bony legs run free in the dark, not knowing anything else?Does your ghost run in a dream of life?

Maybe you outgrew your space and couldn’t climb out, maybe you died already in the dark safeness of your mother’s inside, an inkling of the harsh world to come, maybe mum was just too exhausted, so you lay together, how long? The pain taking all, emptying you, using you up, a nightmare from which you wouldn’t wake up.

Man’s hands did this and then forgot you, left you to die, both lost in those places no one sees, every one ignores. You came and went without being shown a care.                                                                                                                                         I’m sorry you were treated so shamefully, I’m sorry you were born to die yet even in living shown no care, your life nothing, invisible, so conditioned to see you as other, nothing to concern them; too easy; too lazy, too ignorant to see the truth.

Dead in the grass, nature around you consumes your last, such slighted beings, so poignant, mother and baby lost together, in a life they never chose, slipping away in a silent agony of dying birth; instead of a new being, instead of two, there are none, just two lost victims, sleeping on.

Who knows what blood agony warred inside you?The still, creamy body hides the battle raged out with no let up, battle to the death, no compromise, no reinforcements, abandoned, the last indignity and cold, callous condemnation of your nothingness.

No one can imagine the pain you both endured, in your last hours, as you struggled together,mother and baby, a bond betrayed, abused and killed. You took each other away, two beings lost in a forced game using bodies for profit, trading flesh and bones and skin…….when life and death can be bought and sold, nobody can win.

Goodbye to a cruel world…………….




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  1. A haunting image where the only consolation, little though it be, is they both now free.

    “When life and death can be bought and sold, nobody can win.”

    Thank you for your kindness of heart.

  2. Your words had such conviction for the injustice of the image. I loved your portrayal of death at the hands of life’s prospect. Thank you for such deep and powerful words

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