A Double Crime – Echoed Again and Again….

Cow and badger locked in a perpetual hell created by the human race.

The badgers are murdered to ‘save’ the cows, but you can’t blame the cows, enslaved and worked to their deaths, their stick legs buckle under weight of udders unmanageable, their babies lost, stolen over and over again, mother’s milk, mother’s cries, baby dies, a mouth never suckled it’s own mother’s milk, betrayal, a cruel ritual to take and consume, killing and maiming and creating more and more, make her carry her grief, her reminder of loss, the food for her baby, they raped her to bear, then whipped away before they could share their blood bond, crying out for one another, in the dawn the cries echo on the air, no one understands what the cries mean, the agony of grief, of loss, a mother wants her child, a baby want his mother, the most natural thing in the world they have mechanised, industrialised to objectify, just units of production and profit, just numbers and output and figures in a table, that’s what lives are made of, lives in the farms of today, the cruellest, coldest life there is….

The propaganda spins, beautiful animals stroll in the sun, in open green fields, relaxed and chewing the cud, what could be more natural? Milk, it’s nature’s food, it’s good for you, look at this beautiful scene, this is what you are eating, drinking, what could be wrong with that? It’s all so natural…..

But it is a stage set, a screen, when it’s torn away, see the rape rack, hear her cry, see the forced rough clumsy hands invade her body, without care, without thought, she is nothing, powerless and trapped, abused and then made to carry her baby through, just so you can steal her baby’s food, the white meat, that beat inside her only for one, her own offspring, her love, now gone, she cannot even feed her young with her own milk, nothing is hers, nothing is free, even life, even death, the babies are taken, tormented and killed or condemned to the same, the cycle turns over and over again, her own body is turned against her, her own flesh controlled by someone else, in this shameful world of consumption, greed and control. Even the food is false, only waste, cheap fodder, made of cast offs, to keep down the cost, eating a diet unnatural, not what they’d choose, the less they spend the more they make, profits are at stake. So when the cows, overworked, run down, undernourished, over-treated with drugs, get sick and infected, they need a scapegoat to blame, to compensate, to pass the buck, it’s not our fault, it’s nothing we’ve done….. and we’re supposed to feel sorry for them, these poor abusers, and sellers of bodies; look it’s these wild creatures fault, they’re to blame, they have to be killed, wipe them out….

So now it’s the badgers turn, once revered, a symbol of magic and wonder, an English character, wise and respected and cherished, now shot down and hunted like some piece of rubbish, blown to bits, another being made into nothing, diminished and lied about, turned into the bad guy. Badgers just living their lives, but because the farming industry is so vile and so dirty, the cows ail and fail but still the truth is hidden, it’s the badgers, the dirty, disease-spreading badgers, filthy things nothing’s too bad for them, contaminated, infected, all these emotive words, linked to dirt, disease, plague- carriers, nastiness; a crime of destroying the badger by lies, propaganda, manipulating opinion to see them as the culprits, nasty pests, dirty contagious beasts, worthy of destruction, they deserve it, wipe them out, spreading their filthy infection…..

……….So it goes, reel them in, spread the lies, the animals always lose, the animals always die, and nothing gets any better, nothing improves, but no one notices, on to the next, it’s their fault now, let’s wipe something else out, it’s always some other creatures fault, but the blame is easy, the blame is there, stinking in the face of the lies, but no one notices, no one cares and they shoot and gas and trap and poison and cut……..

……..and the violence just goes on and on and on…… I don’t know how many ways you can say it to try to wake people up, make them understand…..

blogcbJust a scratchy, quick, sketch of an idea I might work on, because I can’t get it out of my head.



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  1. Such a criminal act, so eloquently worded, and your sketch is as powerful as those words.

    Thank you for all you do.

  2. Heartbreaking. Well penned, and your painting is haunting, as it should be.
    I’m a vegan, btw.

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