A Recurring Nightmare – Badger Bedlam

Beautiful Badger in a Nightmare. Photo by Neil Phillips


Badger Bedlam
Once again the monstrous tragedy that is the badger cull has begun. Once again thugs and morons are given license to kill at will, once again this ‘protected’ species has become the poor victim of a power crazy elite wanting to show their force, their power. By openly admitting they have no idea of the number of badgers, no clue of the population, and extending it to Dorset, as well as Somerset and Gloucestershire, where TB has fallen, their pathetic excuse for the slaughter, shows how arrogant and sure of themselves they are; they are saying, in our faces,the ones who are actually bothering to take notice, they don’t give a shit, they are showing they can do whatever they like, they are proving the science and facts about TB to be a joke, a pretense that they no longer have to play along with. They don’t even attempt to make sense of it anymore. They want to kill and they will kill,TB is irrelevant, it’s not about that, it never was, that was just the excuse they needed.

Everything about it this time shows they are doing it deliberately, willfully, in the face of condemnation, in the obviousness of it’s futility, despite the waste of life, despite the suffering. They are making it plain they will do what they like, whatever people think or want, they will not listen to reason, they absolutely do not care, and ‘you’, the poor pathetic scum, you and I, can doing nothing about it. They want to believe that, they are so twisted and corrupt, they rule, they make it up as they go along and justify whatever they want to do and spoon feed a distracted, dumbed down public to buy whatever line they spin. It is incredible what they have managed to get away with.

But some people will not go away, some people they cannot fool and they continue to speak out, continue to fight for truth and what is right and they do not like that, it makes them very, very irritable.

The cull has been kept deliberately quiet, it’s barely touched on, most people have no idea it is going on and it is all too easy to distance yourself from it, distracted by the pressures and demands of life, all deliberate again, to control people, but that makes it too easy for them. They choose how and to what they want you to react, spinning out the stories that suit their agenda, prodding people in the directions they choose, while keeping the truth well out of harms way, trying to ridicule or destroy, anyone who attempts to inform people of the truth. An uninformed, separated population, powerless, afraid, controlled and easy to manipulate.

While the pictures of cages and cars covered in blood and remains, illegal snares, seeing the idiot thugs swan round in their big trucks, taunting caring people who are trying to do something about this cruelty and injustice, brings home what is really going on and the total lack of heart and soul in these people, both from the lowest of the low, who get paid for dealing death and relishing it, to the power-crazy greedy psychos in control, they are evil…..how have we allowed this to happen??

How has it come to this?? That this corrupt, morally bankrupt, handful of demons come to be in control????

“The farmers pay about £25,000 – £30,000 a year, per zone, for the cull, tax payers pay about £4 million per year, per zone. After farmers claiming the bill to the tax payer will reduce, the presence of helicopters and riot vans already this year, makes it hard to see where savings will be made.”  If you care about nothing else, this should outrage you……think about where that money is going….your money, in your name, blood money…….who benefits??? While innocent creatures suffer and are murdered. The ever present authoritarian threat ,to intimidate, shows who’s side they’re on and what their plans are, what message they are delivering.

Meanwhile the cows are treated like shit, the badgers are treated like shit. There was a photo from a farm that was pro-cull, of a poor cow, so ill, exhausted and crippled she could barely stand up, it was heartbreaking, and this is the reason they slaughter badgers? Because they ‘care’ so much about their cows??? Don’t make me laugh, they’ve never cared about their cows or they wouldn’t do what they do. Cows are pound-signs to them, an income, a living, a commodity, the more they can get out of ‘it’ the better, they don’t care what effect it has on the animals, they just want the biggest profit they can get, however they can get it. That poor ghost of a cow says it all, her face the epitome of misery and hopelessness.

How can we accept sentient beings are treated this way?

How has this become okay??

Then blame their frailty and susceptibility to illness, on another wild being and organize the mass murder of that innocent creature??

What have we become???

If you care at all and can get there, get to the cull zones,even for one night, they need as many people as possible to show up, the more feet on the ground, the more badgers can be saved. If you can’t, think about donating to the groups down there doing such fantastic work in the face of such force.

And also think about where your money goes, where you shop, the supermarkets that support the cull and sell produce from cull areas and either boycott them altogether if possible or at least refuse the dairy products that come directly from farms participating in the cull, (if you must buy dairy – look into the cruelty of the dairy industry, please!!!)

You have to take a stand and if everyone participates and spreads the word and takes action, however small it seems, small things add up, the sooner they will realize we’re not all idiots and we will react and we will stick together and we do have some power and care enough to stand by our conscience and not turn away. They will not intimidate people, they will not conquer people who truly care because they cannot be bought, not for any price, something they could never and will never understand.

Just wanted to add a big thanks to Neil Phillips for letting me use his beautiful photo of a badger, taken at Wildwood Badger Trust, Kent, even though I didn’t ask or give him credit, I was in so driven to get my post up I forgot, so I’m really sorry Neil, but thanks, it’s a beautiful and poignant image!!!


Stop The Cull 

Stop The Cull



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  1. Sadly all very true.

    Slightly off topic, but can I ask where you found the badger photo?
    I ask as it is one of mine, and although I don’t mind you using it in the article supporting a cause I certainly support, it seems it has been posted somewhere as public domain when it is under copyright and I’d appreciate knowing where.
    (Sorry I would have sent this as an email or PM but in my phone I cant see a away of contacting you this way)

    • Hi Neil, I am so sorry I used your picture without giving you credit.I specifically searched for free images and yours came up on animalphotos.info,which said they were all ‘free to use on websites and other projects.’But you were supposed to give credit to the artist and I meant to but I forgot, so I cannot apologise enough, I would never knowingly ‘pinch’ someone else’s work.I have corrected that now and explained at the bottom of my post, thanks for being so generous about it!! I usually use my own images but just didn’t have time and I loved this picture so much!!Sorry!!

  2. What have we become, sadly is what most have always been. A collective psychotic and invasive swarm, mentally deranged, manipulated and influenced beyond reason, incapable of individual thought, self-centered and murderously shallow. And that only a brief description of this virulent species, human.

    Eloquent and forceful, thank you for speaking up. An excellent picture, Neil.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting and I totally agree with you,your comments were so true,just how I see things; that was my point,people think we are so evolved, that we have ‘progressed’ so much, they just don’t have the capacity to stand back and look at the reality, the ugliness and horror we have created and the way we are headed if people don’t wake up, which doesn’t look too likely, but you can only keep trying, even in the face of the insanity everywhere.Please keep writing, it keeps me going!!

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