Monday Mourning – R.I.P Little Ones

The small family of feral cats that were being cared for by the local cat charity have been murdered, by poisoning. I don’t know what to say. I just feel immense, overwhelming sadness and fury that this happened, that someone could do this and will never be made to answer for their crimes. There were only four of them, a mother, her two daughters and a young man who joined them; they had all been neutered so they wouldn’t breed, the cat charity was caring for them, they were just trying to live their lives and still some evil, small-minded, small-hearted bastard could not let them be.
I don’t know why they did what they did, whether for purely evil motives, to enjoy the power of taking these lives, simply because they could, or whether they are of that growing number of people who demand the world be a certain way and anything that doesn’t fit in to that must be removed; they just did not like them being there, couldn’t bear their existence, that they dared to have a life in their own way, they wanted them cleared out, gone; so they condemned them without a care.
People who have forgotten that this world is not just ours to bully and use, dominate and adapt, as we see fit, to best suit our own comfort, gain and ends. I’m so sick of this attitude that we are the top, the very top, rulers of all and can do anything, control anything, take anything, destroy anything, with impunity. Other lives are disregarded as having no rights, no value, unworthy of any consideration, just something that can be judged upon coldly and harshly.
Everything is being manipulated so the world can be this uniform place of profit and orderliness, neat and contained, with its rules and guidelines. Do not step out of the boundaries or your days are numbered. The earth itself and all the other creatures don’t get a choice, don’t have a say. They don’t matter in this grand scheme of domination and suppression. Anything that doesn’t fit into the plan is targeted and will not be tolerated.
I look around and see more and more control happening, more wildness and freedom taken away. Things being fenced off and fenced in; land locked away, claimed, owned, dominated, and withheld. Nature ripped up and torn down, to make way for business and profit, where everything has a price. Wild places destroyed and made over into controlled spaces, where everything is regimented and restrained, made empty, bland and soulless. Dirty grey nets and spikes so birds cannot settle there, ‘undesirable’ species are trapped, poisoned, shot, to control and remove, make everything sterile and in obeyance. Everything cut and tamed. To make us increasingly isolated and shut off from the living world and each other, powerless, subdued and closed in.
Wildness and freedom are condemned and so the feral family were doomed. I cared about these cats, I watched their progress and just feel gutted that they met such a horrendous fate. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for their carers to find them. I cannot bear to think how they suffered, these sweet creatures who never did anything wrong. I’m sorry little ones, you deserved so much better than this.

It makes me realize what a battle it is to protect those living outside, what a vulnerable life it is, prey to any monster who decides they have the right to do as they please. We have to be tuned in and vigilant to all the life around us and I feel it ever more intensely now, to be aware and protect. I try to look out for any creature as I make my way through life, anyone that needs help, be it once, just for a moment or over a longer time, like regular meals or respite from injury. Whatever the need I try to do what I can, even when it might not be enough, even though I sometimes fail, even though it never feels enough. We have to be attuned to the needs of our brothers and sisters in an increasingly hostile, closed off, cold world, to become more connected to our surroundings and the links between us and fight back against the controlling and taming of our world and our souls.

RIP Victoria, Muffin, Cupcake and Gordon.

So sad little ones but you will never be forgotten.



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  1. It is, of course, vile and evil less-than-worthless scum that would take the lives of these beautiful innocent creatures. And it never is enough, what we do, is it. How can be?

    Thank you, for being among the caring.

    • Thank you. I know you’re right of course, it’s just when something like this hapens, it really gets to me and it feels like the ‘bad guys’ are increasing, tipping the balance.But of course we go on, doing what we can because that’s all there is to do.I’ll never stop caring.
      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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  3. So heartbreaking. They were such beautiful creatures and so innocent. I hope the bastard/s that did this get what’s coming to them. They’re not just heartless, but soulless as well.

    • Thanks so much!!My sentiments exactly!!I don’t know what is with these people, these poor creatures were just trying to survive. It makes me so angry that they will most likely get away with it and worse, keep doing it!!Thanks for reading and commenting!!

      • It makes me sick. I have two beautiful little boys myself and so innocent in all they do… I just can’t comprehend the cruelty of some people.

      • I know, me neither, they are just of a different species aren’t they??It’s so sad the evil that they do and get a kick out of and mostly get away with too, but at least there are people like you bringing up little ones with love and compassion.It generally comes natural to children until it’s forced out of them,which is so sad.The world needs as many caring souls as possible.I’m glad there are so many that DO care.

      • Yes, the world needs people, like yourself who are not afraid to post something and take a stand with the post and you comments by not being afraid to say things like, hey, this is wrong or this shit needs to stop…now! I’m glad you had the courage to share this and post it on your site. 🙂

      • Thanks, that’s really kind of you to say, I wonder sometimes if there is any point to it, but you have to try, have to get it out that some things are just going so wrong, we need to wake up. The world seems to be going mad and getting colder and harsher and many people are just too preoccupied with stuff that doesn’t matter. It infuraites me beyond belief!!Sorry, rant over!!Thanks for taking the itme to read and comment. I’m so glad there are some good people, like yourself, that really do care!!

      • There are people out there who truly care. I’ve ran into several of them during my blogging ventures and it’s very encouraging. So, you’re not alone, there are others of us who feel the need to rant about it sometimes too. 😉

      • Thanks,it does help connecting with people on here,it really has helped me a lot and been a great way to express things I haven’t always been able to get out and I really appreciate you and everyone reading my posts and taking the time to comment.It really does help!!

    • Thank you, it’s so sad it breaks my heart.I don’t know why people have to do these evil things but it seems to be increasing sadly. They need more and more people to look out for them! Thanks for reading and commenting!!

      • We don’t understand it either. Mom pulls her hair and then comes over and gives me a big hug. I can always tell she’s read/seen something really stressful. 😦

      • It might not seem much,but between us we spread compassion and educate others,sadly some people are just too closed off.But it will spread!!Thanks for reading and thanks for caring. Never give up and never stop caring!!

  4. Or it could be like some of my relatives–they HATE all cats!! Mentally ill and take out frustrations on defenseless cats in rifle range!! Horrible people. makes a person wonder what they would do to people they don’t like if they could get away with it–maybe physically and mentally beat up a 92 year old man???

  5. How tragic 😥 Yet another example of how humans use killing as a first option instead of finding a way to live with other creatures. I totally understand your pain.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. It makes me so sad that so many people just think killing something off is acceptable, even fun.I can’t bear to think what these little lovelies went through. I’m glad some people care anyway!!

  6. Those poor little kitties! That is completely horrific and just plain cruel. The perpetrators are evil and have no soul and I so agree with your writings about what is happening in this world. It is incredibly sad and sometimes hard to not give up hope as you see the world crumbling in it’s humanity and compassion. But there should always be hope or what happens to us if we give up? If we give up, do we not then become hardened to life? So I encourage you to keep on your path and getting the word out. Blessings to you!

    • Thanks for your comments and your encouragement. It means a lot to me. I can’t bear it when things like this happen, it makes me so unbelievably angry and sad and yet I could never stop caring, never be other then I am, even if I don’t really make much difference. The world desperately needs more people to care and wake up and see what’s happening. It’s hard but you can only keep holding on!!Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment, it’s so appreciated!!

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