Why Badgers Matter

10341687_753784618002105_1771509471173315144_nIt’s Black and White.
Take a look at this picture. A female badger lies dead on the table, her guts torn and bleeding. She was shot in the abdomen, a hit which she survived and managed to crawl away, only to die a slow, agonizing death. But it doesn’t matter, it’s only a badger, right? It’s miles away, it’s small, it has no impact on your life. Wrong. To start with it is not an ‘it’, it is a she and she had a life and family. She had a right to that life and family and had it taken away by a fuckwit with a gun, doing what he loves best, killing things; given free reign to wander the countryside, her land, the badger’s land, long before he was even born. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is some kind of high class hit man, hired specially for the task, slinking in to take the shot, silent, quick, and clean. That would still be indefensible, but this murderer is far from that. This is a thug who would have done this anyway. He has been given license to do what he enjoys and he doesn’t care how it’s done. He can’t believe his luck, getting paid to enjoy himself. He stumbles around in the dark, his only desire to murder, as many as he can. Do you think he cares if it’s clean? Do you think he cares if she suffers? Leaves a family? Do you think he feels any dreg of remorse?
That these ancient, beautiful, magical night snufflers should be murdered, freely and with public money is an outrage I can hardly grasp. That this has been allowed to be repeated after every bit of evidence and opinion said NO, should be an outrage to every thinking, caring person. But then it never mattered about the evidence or opinion anyway, it never did, that was all just for show, a charade; they were always going to do exactly what they wanted, which was to slaughter as many innocent creatures as they could. This is going on right now, as you sit watching the TV tonight, eating your meal, soaking in the bath, sleeping comfortably in your bed, badgers are being murdered; some trapped first, left cold, frightened and hungry, for hours sometimes, then just coldly shot in the head, with no chance of escape, others with shooters bungling about in the dark, so that many are not even shot cleanly, like our poor girl in the picture. It won’t be mentioned on the news you watch because they like to keep it quiet; all the normal channels get told what to report, so you’ll never get a true picture, just what they want you to know or need you to know, to get the reaction from you they want. They are acting like this cull isn’t happening, so most people are unaware it is and the rest, for the main, don’t really care.
It doesn’t matter what slant you put on it, what attempt at justification you make, it is wrong. It is that simple, it is black and white. The poor badgers are scapegoats for a group of morally bankrupt elite that will do anything to further their own agenda. All they care about is money and power, control of the many in the hands of the few. It has never been more obvious with this farce of a cull, on the back of everyone telling them it is wrong and pointless, that they do it anyway; what more evidence do you need? The truth is they were always going to do it, because the whole reason for it was based on a lie anyway, it was never about TB or evidence, science and doing the right thing; they are out of control and don’t care who knows it, they are going for broke, what more evidence do you need of how arrogant and deluded they are? Of how divorced they are from everything except their own power games and pursuit of more control, wealth, and domination. They don’t care about badgers, of course they don’t, they couldn’t give a toss; it’s not about cows either, they couldn’t care less, that’s just a smokescreen, to keep the main country population on their ‘side’, to sacrifice as much as they can, to get what they want; they don’t care about you either, at all. It is all nothing to them, badgers, cows, people; all the same. They are living in a different world and it’s time to wake up and see that. They manipulate everything to suit themselves, no one else and care about nothing that doesn’t fit in with their plans to own and control everything. So maybe you think, it’s just badgers who cares? But you should care. I care, I love badgers, I love cows, I love all animals and they have a right to exist and they deserve better than this; than to be used in the most brutal way possible just to suit some parasite con-merchants game plan; but remember you are part of that plan too, not just the poor badgers, that they are different to you is not morally relevant, they are being massacred and it’s wrong, black and white; when you stop caring about the ‘little’ things like badgers, then you become inured to the rest of the crimes that are perpetrated, you allow them to get away with it; you become controllable and manipulated, you allow yourself to be lessened as a human being, you turn away, you shrink your heart. The slaughter of millions every day is already accepted as the norm, not even questioned by the majority of people at all, this enslavement simply the way life is. These animals are just disregarded, their lives measured in units of profit and utility; just the way it is and most people never, ever think about it. I find this astounding and deeply disturbing. When you cease to be part of all life, to think about all your brothers and sisters around you and allow them to be persecuted and killed, their bodies used for profit or for simply living their lives, for being in this world, for lives that just don’t suit someone, so they simply, coldly, order their annihilation, then you are contributing to a world that is becoming ever colder, starker, more dangerous, violent, twisted, controlled and corrupted. A world that will never be free of violence and injustice. And one day it will be too late to do anything. Once you begin to classify beings in a hierarchical way, one being ‘better’ or more ‘worthy’ than another, you open the way to a very dangerous precedent; it already happens to a large extent and no one bats an eyelid, it is so ingrained in our the normal consciousness. No one should be allowed to judge anothers worthiness of life, it negates that beings own self and how can you possibly judge what is more or less worthy of life? We all have a life to value and to lose; all beings value their lives just as much, but once you stop seeing that, feeling that, you open the door to ever more dangerous boundaries of how we judge ourselves and others, life and the right to life and how we separate ourselves with false differences. So, yes I care about badgers and cows and all animals and even though it can be hard convincing some people that it matters, it is a cause worth fighting because it affects us all and the life we build together and what kind of world we want to live in. Right now, the world is not a very good place to be, there is so much that is wrong it can be overwhelming, there are days when it just seems hopeless, but that is precisely when the ‘little’ things matter. When one badger released from a cage, one fox saved from the dogs, one cow saved from slaughter, one stray, broken cat rescued, makes everything count, makes a difference. It is an action that has ripples; a light in the darkness .The life of that one ‘little’ being mattered and rejoices in its life. That adds something, it means something; so don’t forget about them because they are ‘only’ themselves. They matter and we are all connected.

Extract from Ted Hughes Poem:
“But the badger’s fort was dug when the whole land was one oak.
His face is his ancient coat of arms, and he wears the same grey cloak
As if time had not passed at all, as if there were no such thing,
As if there were only the one night-kingdom and its Badger King.”
Amazing……what poignant words and how sad…what a far cry from the awe, respect and reverence this poet felt towards the badger, is the way they are being treated now. It is truly shameful and heart-wrenching. What have we become?? Where will it end?

Don’t let the badger become a memory, a sad ghost, staring through time from a paper surface. (a personal interpretation of the badger I’m working on)

I just wanted to add a quick note about all the amazing people down in Somerset and Gloucestershire, monitoring the cull, saving badgers, getting in the way of shoots; you are all amazing and doing a truly magnificent thing. You are an inspiration and a glow of hope in a world gone mad. I keep a keen eye on what is happening through the updates and want to thank every single person down there for what you are doing. Your passion, determination and courage are constantly inspiring. In a world full of so many disturbing things, cruelties and injustices everywhere, to see people following their hearts, sticking together, standing up and doing the right thing whatever the cost is a wonderful thing. Many of us do care and are thinking about you always. Stay safe and thank you.



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  1. A wonderful post, thanks for sharing. I share your anger and love of all life – which is really all you need to say on the matter. Why badgers matter? Because *all* life matters.

  2. Thanks so much for speaking up. This stupid slaughter just makes me so sad.

    • Thanks for reading my post.It’s the only way I can express myself and how I feel.I’m glad it resonated with you. So many things make me so sad and angry, at least if we can share that it helps! At least the cull has finished this week, for now!! So many were saved but too many were lost. It is a tragedy but we won’t let them be forgotten!! Keep caring!!

  3. A passionate and sad post 😥
    We must NEVER give up the fight!

  4. Beautifully written. Thank you for using your gifts to raise awareness, educate and influence others toward compassionate action and choice. Blessings on those who from places of empathy and compassion, take action to protect, defend and lend voice to, innocent, sentient, living beings, of ALL species, who cannot speak for themselves.

    We are now following your posts and look forward to reading you in the future.

    ~ Gerean Pflug for The Animal Spirits

  5. I really like this post, badgers are fascinating animals that definitively deserve to live their lives in peace. At the same time the same is true for the wolf, the tiger, the rhino qne countless other species.

  6. Thank you for your powerful words and your great compassion.

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