A Day Like Any Other

There is a bee on this ball of seeding flowers….on it’s own little planet-globe against the sky….

To the backdrop of horror pictures of slaughter,abuses and cruelties everywhere,all over the world,cruelties beyond imagining,horrors to fill the greatest nightmares forever………..

I play with Sylvia and taste the pleasure of just time with her,playing,seeing her happy,sharing our moments.I watch the wonderful summer,stormy sky clouds shift and change with each passing moment and try to capture them on paper…then enjoy the sudden,swift,heavy,full splats of warm rain,unleashed only for an intense moment,then stop,as if switched off,releasing every wonderful,pungent,wild,earthy scent into the air.I feed the stray cat,wild and edgy,but grateful for a meal,a joy to feel I am in some small way contributing to help him realize the world is not against him,not everyone at least,even when I have seen other people chase him away,he knows now I never will,he returns.I watch the videos of heroes rescuing animals no-one else wants to know about,putting themselves out,not because they have to but just because they can’t turn away and it doesn’t matter how difficult it is or how dangerous,they will not forget about them,they won’t turn their backs.I watch his paintings take shape as his mind follows his inner story and lets it loose on the page like a waking dream,sharing his soul.A magic force unleashed,communicating,mesmerizing,storytelling and something that speaks to me,comforts me.I read the poem over and over,relishing the words around my tongue,so satisfying,so perfect,so alive,intense and imaginative,it is a living thing.The words of this and other books,speaking what you have felt,recognizing yourself in their words.Knowing they know,knowing you are not alone.The feel of my own pen on the paper,the line,the image coming into being,finding the right word,symbol,expression,mark,allowed to be free,be it in word or picture,it doesn’t matter,it all comes from the same place and means the same thing……

Yet..the horrors are still there,the nightmares are real and carry on endlessly,I still feel anger,hate,pain,sadness,impotence,frustration,but these are the ways I can hold on.These are the things that still have meaning and allow me to exist in this world along with the stark truths,the knowledge of what is real,what goes on.It doesn’t make it stop,of course it doesn’t,but it balances the soul so it can survive and go on fighting for what matters.For you still have to face it all and do what you can,you can’t ignore it.For the worst thing of all is apathy,giving up,feeling you can do nothing so why bother…We must bother,always,all the time.We must live our hearts and always follow our own inner compass and not be manipulated and hoodwinked by lies,fears and bullshit.Once the truth is known it can never be unknown,you can never go back.Or you choose,deliberately,willful ignorance.If you face the truth,you have to find ways to survive and not let it all ruin you.The world needs good souls but it is precisely because they are good that they are so easily hurt and damaged,but we need to be strong and survive and keep living the truth,our own truth,no-one elses.Anything that helps us to do that and supports each other is a precious thing to be embraced.The powers that be want apathy,want despair and negativity,it suits their ends.Don’t give them the satisfaction.Use whatever you need to nourish and sustain you and help you hold it together and share it all.Be a force for good.Don’t give up.Never give in.

Madcatty waiting…..




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  1. So true and so beautifully said ❤
    Thanks for following FUR OUT THE CLOSET.
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.
    Together we can make a difference,

    • Thanks for your lovely comments and for following my blog, it means a lot to me!!I love writing and I love animals and it’s so nice to be able to connect with others who feel the same!!I’ll hopefully have something more up soon.It breaks my heart the way animals suffer every day.Thanks for what you do to raise these issues and try and wake people up!!

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