Why Should I Care?

Saturday is World Day For Animals In Laboratories.People coming together all over the world to raise their voices and spirits in condemning this atrocity and to let all the animals know,we have not forgotten you and we will never stop fighting to end this crime against you;and to remember all those already lost,who never had a hope,brutalized,murdered and discarded–we remember..and we will keep reminding everyone of the suffering going on,every moment of every day.It is sad that this is still necessary after campaigning for so long,but the corporate hold and investment is very strong.They have huge budgets and powerful allies,just look at the sentence handed to Debbie Vincent recently.Make an example,make people scared,show their power,brainwash the masses.The world has become backwards,where caring people are labelled ‘nutters’ and ‘terrorists’,treated like criminals and thrown in jail,while the cold-hearted are allowed freedom to do as they please.This is the world we live in.Corruption and abuse is the norm,is rewarded,while the innocent and good are trodden on and treated with contempt.As I stroke little rescued Sylvia,stretched long and sleeping peacefully on my knee,purring and comfortable,my mind is taken back to Double-Trouble(see earlier post)and how she never had any care at all.Never knew any kindness,any love,even any consideration.So,this week,as you share happy times with your companion animals,if you have them,also if you don’t,remember all those who haven’t a hope.Who are born into a life of endless suffering,with no comfort or care,no acknowledgement even of their needs.All animal cruelty and abuse is wrong.Plain and simple.Animals,all animals,our fellow beings,are not things,objects,to be dominated and used.They are living creatures with a right to their own lives,to exist for themselves,in this world which is theirs just as much as it is ours.Until people stop seeing them as things,as objects,as commodities,with a ‘value’ they can ‘use’,they will never be free.We live in a culture of violence;violence breeds violence and negative force.So please take the time on Saturday to remember all the millions of animals suffering and dying in labs every moment of every day.One animal dies every 10 seconds.Remember ALL those that are suffering and spread as much love and compassion as you can.So together we can defeat the darkness that touches everyone and everything.It does make a difference,so CARE and be proud you care and speak about it.wdailfrontfinal



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  1. I recently read Poison Spring by E.G. Vallianatos with McKay Jenkins and was horrified to learn of the poor quality of so much animal experimentation.The horror and deaths of animals in these poorly designed studies are so unnecessary and so fundamentally wrong. Good luck.

    • Thanks for following!!Yes,it’s so sad that many people just don’t know that this goes on.That is really how they want it,they hide it away behind closed doors and the suffering is horrifying!! I really hope one day we can end it for good!!

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