R.I.P Double Trouble


This is yet another report that keeps me awake at night.This poor,beautiful girl,named Double Trouble by the lab,was tortured and murdered for money,pure and simple.

That so called human beings can think up such things,let alone carry them out leaves me speechless and heartbroken.Such evil though sadly exists and we must keep fighting to get it attention.It’s too easy to hide.Too easy to cover up.We have to keep reminding people what goes on,purely for greed,they must not be allowed to get away with it.It is an outrage.

This horror was perpetrated by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.Please go to the Care2.com site and sign the petition ‘Stop Cat Torture experiments at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.’ It makes for very,very grim,sad reading.

Even when,in their own notes,they admitted she seemed depressed and unwell,they just carried on,and on,and on.This went on for months,they didn’t even feed her,only about every 4 days and then just to coax her to do what they wanted and then they murdered her and cut off her beautiful head.She had no respite,no care,no concern,no comfort,no mercy of any kind.Just endless suffering at the hands of truly evil people.I don’t know how these people sleep at night,I don’t know how they are able to carry out such horror.They must,must have something missing in their hearts and souls,if indeed they have one at all.They need to know people are taking notice,that they care and will flush their evil out and not just go away and let it go.It matters too much.Double Trouble matters too much.

Please sign the petition calling for an investigation into what went on,someone needs to be made accountable and a call to stop all funds to these monsters and please spread the word so Double Trouble’s suffering is not just forgotten.



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  1. Don’t know if it’s out of date or too late to sign but reading this broke my heart. These monsters are evil and need to be made accountable for their evil and bloodthirsty ness. RIP double trouble…dear little girl x

    • Thanks for reading and caring!!It is heartbreaking what she went through and the others;I agree, they are truly evil,they have to be.These experiments have been stopped now, but it didn’t come soon enough for all these poor babies, the suffering they had to endure!!And there are thousands more out there, which is so wrong.We can only keep caring and trying to wake people up, for all the poor innocents like Double-Trouble.Thanks for taking the time to write!

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