Walk on by

This is Alice.A beautiful,tiny,young cat booted out on the street suddenly by herself.She was hungry,scared,had fleas,hid under cars and cried all the time.Everyone ignored her and walked by,even when she pitifully tried to follow,crying,wanting some comfort,some help.

I took her in and have been caring for her for the last few weeks while the cat group find her a permanent home.She has been a joy,such a sweet,beautiful little girl.She was starving and not in good condition,she hadn’t been spayed so would soon have become pregnant.She was jumpy and nervous but is becoming more confident every day.She is well-fed and safe.

I have a lot going on in my life right now,a lot of stresses to cope with and some people have said to me:you should’ve left her,someone else would’ve done something,you’ve got enough on,why get involved.But don’t we all have to be that someone who does something??I never had to think about helping her.Who is this ‘someone else’??It’s us isn’t it??Life isn’t full of neat,convenient moments,we just have to do the best we can and if we can help a poor,abandoned,innocent creature along the way,even if it complicates our lives,isn’t that worth doing??Life isn’t about what’s easiest,ignoring something simply because it is less effort to turn away and tell yourself someone else will do something.

Or would you just walk on by???


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