Cat Cheer

Some beautiful quotes from the great and the good -to cheer you there are people who understand,who have soul,after the last two depressing stories.It can seem the world is full of cold,cruel,heartless people but we have to remember there are many good people too!!And they can make a difference!!

‘Cats’ whiskers are so sensitive,they can find their way through the narrowest crack in a broken heart.’Author Unknown.

‘Until one has loved an animal,a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.’Anatole France.

‘Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!’ Theophile Gautier.(talking about cats.Was an amazing artist too!!)

‘A cat will make itself the companion of your hours of work,of loneliness,or of sadness.’ Theophile Gautier.

And finally this picture is of a beautiful,special cat.I rescued him off the street.Others were aware he was homeless but no-one did anything.He was a stray,dirty,hungry and ended up getting shot with a pellet gun that shattered his leg.I took him in,fostered him till the cat group found him a forever home.By then he was an amazing pure white angel,who hardly even limped anymore.He was a real character!! I couldn’t keep him because of where I live and he missed going outside,but he was a special,beautiful soul who I will always remember and miss with all my heart.I know he is in a good home with a big garden but I still miss him every day and wish I could’ve kept him-but I guess doing the right thing is sometimes hard.



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