What a world.

This photo has haunted me since I saw it a few weeks ago.I just can’t get it out of my head.It makes me sooo sad!!I immediately thought of the poem ‘Mountain Lion’ by D.H. Lawrence.I will never understand the mentality of seeing a beautiful creature and the only reaction is to want to kill it.Look at his face…he is soo pleased with himself,it has made him so happy to take the life of this special animal.To look at it’s beautiful body,just hanging there,lifeless,and to know a short time before that it was alive:breathing,heart beating,moving round it’s world.I just feel people like that have something missing and it makes me very sad and angry.If you’ve never read ‘Mountain Lion’- go read it,it’s beautiful and will make you cry.



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  1. this is just so sad =^x^= i want to kick him in his big head 😦

  2. omg… what a bastard. I hate those people who are killing animals. This photo makes me cry… RIP beautiful creature.

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